Concerned about the increasing dependence on government and the quality of food being consumed in our communities, Farley’s Farms was established by Dan Farley in 2013 and started offering products and services to the public one year later.  The mission of the company is to help strengthen the self-reliance and nutrition of the individual.  In doing so, Dan believes freedom will be strengthened and the cost of healthcare will go down while improving the quality of life for all Farley’s Farms customers.

Farley’s Farms offers a lot of great products to help you be strengthened in your journey to become self-reliant and healthy.



Independent Contractor Opportunities

In an effort not only to strengthen self-reliance and nutrition within our communities with live organic food, clean water and energy, Farley’s Farms also gives you the opportunity to strengthen your own self-reliance financially.  If you believe in the mission of the company, would like to be a part of it, and make some money doing so, talk to us about being an independent contractor, selling our products and services.